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I team up with creative professionals who want to go beyond the ordinary and produce work that is truly original.

I am a Creative Photographer and Cinematographer based in Jaipur, India.

My journey behind the lens began around 10 years ago when I started taking pictures of my friends on a smartphone camera during a trip. In the next few years, I developed a serious interest in photography, learned to use professional-grade equipment, and explored and experimented to discover my own style of doing things.

Today, I have been working in the field as a professional photographer and cinematographer for over four years.

Here’s a short peek at what my journey has been like.


  • In 2021, I set up my own photography studio in Jaipur.

  • Worked with creative and commercial businesses and designers on photography projects from start to finish.

  • Developed a strong network of industry professionals including models, stylists, designers, make-up artists, and music producers.

  • Explored my interest in music video direction and production by collaborating with a Jaipur-based music artist.

All of this helped me narrow my work down to what I enjoy the most -

Working together with passionate professionals as a Creative Director, and producing one-of-a-kind results with high-energy photoshoots and videography.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for in your next project…

Get in touch to see what we can create together.

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